To establish management system having environment excellence philosophy (No Spill and No Damage to the environment) and to make continuous improvement.

All required/necessary measures (preventive and proactive actions) shall be taken in order to maximize the effect of environmental protection, to minimize the pollution (zero-spill), to control and prevent them at all times.

All the environment related subjects and activities shall always be taken into consideration primarily and strongly supported, no sacrifice shall be made in this aspect.

To provide both ship and shore based resources necessary for the effective implementation of the environmental management system.

Always to be alert for the environmental emergencies.  

To comply with entire national and international legal rules and regulations ensuring prevention of land, air and sea pollution.

To ensure identification and implementation of duties and responsibilities of the entire company and ship personnel associated with environmental protection in accordance with current procedures.

To keep and maintain the standards of trainings related to environment protection at the top level.
To ensure improvement of knowledge and abilities of company and ship personnel associated with environmental protection, especially to cover emergency situations, fully in compliance with local and international rules.

All the environmental protection systems and equipments conditions and standarts will be kept and maintained on top condition.

Risk assessments will be done on each environmental management stages and proactive measures will be taken against all the risks.

To employ personnel having sufficient environmental competency, quality and ability aboard the ships and ashore.

The external interested parties and other third parties’ environmental comments/recommendations shall be taken into consideration during environmental management system reviewing meeting(s).
company environmental policy should be communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization, contractors working at on organization’s facility and external interested parties.